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cherry_addict1's Journal

Cherry Addict

I hate doing intors but here goes, Name is Amal, from Qatar(2022 World Cup Host <3)
I'm a Nishikido Ryo chan fan so if u hate him .. Screw you.
I don't fangirl all the time in my journal, because .. well im a NORMAL human being and I have a life =D

♥ 19 years old
♥ addicted to "cherries"
♥ married to adobe photoshop
♥ self-taught Manipulator
♥ lives in banana land
♥ Thinks laughing clowns are the creepiest things ever

I love kind & caring people, people who are considerate to others. I hate ignorant assholes who are up their own ass and think they are the best thing since sliced bread, I also hate Sea food with a passion.

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