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Cherry Addict
02 July 2024 @ 11:01 am

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Cherry Addict
11 July 2009 @ 02:03 am

Babysitting again !!!!
and the number of kids i had to babysit today increased of course since my sister came from Bahrain !! dfgyskfuigysdfuigysdf

oh yeah lj-ests i forgot to tell you, i had this Crazeh ~ party last night at my place .. and well my awesome brother brought me this insaaane cake .. it was soooo freakin cool my jaw DROPPED !!! xDDDD
i took some pictures of coourse <33


Photos This way <3Collapse )

oh and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DOCI <333  best okachan ever <3 xDDDD I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU *frolics*

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